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Coronavirus NZ

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We offer a full range of domestic and commercial 
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Bathroom renovations

Installation of new showers, taps and vanities

Installation of washing machines and dishwashers

Change tap washers

Installation and repairs to insinkerators

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Blocked Drains

Emergency Plumbing

Drainage Services

Hot Water Services

Plumbing Maintenance

Hydro jetting Drains and septic tanks from 32mm – 150mm

Grease trap unblocking

Colour Camera – sewer line locating

Experts with mains pressure Hot Water Services

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Whether a slow leak behind the wall or a flowing torrent of water, we've seen it (and repaired it) all before, so you can rest easy knowing that a licensed, experienced, professional plumber is taking care of it. If a pipe has burst we recommend that you find the mains water tap and turn it off while you wait for the plumber.  If you live in a house this will usually be outside on the footpath.


You need hot water now! Well you've come to the right place, we can help you with all of your hot water issues, and best of all, our same day hot water rescue service ensures that we will have your hot water running again in no time.

We are hot water specialists, which means we’re able to repair, service, or supply and install water heater systems and hot water heaters of all major brands. Hot water is one of the most important conveniences in a modern home, and we often take it for granted until a problem arises.


One of the major issues with blocked drains is that you don’t have control of the situation because you can't see what's going on inside the actual pipe without a pipe inspection camera. Luckily, pipe inspection cameras are part of our standard tool kit; they enable us to pinpoint where exactly in the pipe your problem is and what the cause is.

Reasons your sewer system may be blocked: A buildup of daily refuse,drain destroyers such as baby wipes, napkins, tissues, kitty litter, grease, hair and  kids’ toys, pipes that have collapsed due to tree root, roots enter damaged joints, or cracks in old earthenware clay pipes

Whangarei blocked drain experts Boss Plumbing and Drainage, guarantee that we can fix these and other types of plumbing or drainage disasters.  So, if you notice any tell tale signs of a blocked drain or you’re worried about anything to do with your plumbing, call us and we’ll sort it before the drain becomes a pain.  We will either blast the line with a high pressure hydro jet (5300psi) to remove the blockage or use an electric eel to cut the blockage out. 


Clogged toilets are messy.  Do you flush again, risking an overflow? Or do you leave it as it is, and risk the waste water rising and overflowing on the bathroom tiles and out to the rest of your home? Here’s what you should do -Call Boss Plumbing and Drainage.


A lot of water leaks are hidden, we use a camera and locater to find hidden leaks. A CCTV drain inspection will identify the problem quickly and allow the Plumber to get an accurate idea of what is going on. Common problems identified by CCTV (or closed circuit Television) include blocked drains, tree roots, and squashed or broken pipes.


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